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With over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, social analytics is a massive source of consumer insights to inform and drive your business. Given the enormous amount of insights that can be gleaned from social analytics and promises from technology vendors, it’s tempting to select a social analytics platform and start collecting data. However, this product first approach is a common mistake and leaves many organizations with unmet expectations from social analytics. But this is simply one of many reasons why even the best-intentioned social programs fail.

Whether you’re just starting out with your social analytics program or if your existing social program is failing to deliver real business value, this executive paper provides detailed insights for developing a successful social analytics program that supports all your strategic business objectives.

By reading the Making Social Analytics Work for Your Company white paper you will learn the following five key takeaways:

  • Why most social programs fail
  • The importance of organizational alignment and buy-in
  • Organizing and training your team for success
  • Establishing governance and process to inform your business
  • Criteria for selecting a social analytics platform

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Pages: 12