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This White Paper is a non-technical approach to discuss the evolution of social listening from keyword to audience-centric listening. In this paper there will explore how audience centric-listening can drive the most importance business initiatives including increasing customer acquisition, retention and brand value.

By reading The Audience Perspective: How Innovation In Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success you will learn the following five key takeaways:

  • Social media is critical in helping Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) achieve their KPIs, namely customer acquisition, customer retention and building brand value
  • Audience-driven listening enables brands to engage in targeted social media activation and insights discovery
  • Audience-centric listening delivers critical insights and advantages keyword-based listening does not
  • Audience-centric listening supports customer acquisition and retention efforts for key business impact
  • Actionable next-steps for your organization to adopt audience-centric listening

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Pages: 17