5 Top Strategies on Embracing the New Normal: The Vital Role of Data Analytics

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As regions are gradually reopening, businesses are looking toward the future: How do they operate in the next phases of Covid-19 and plan for longer-term recovery? For brands to succeed in this constantly changing environment, understanding and adapting to evolving consumer behavior is vital. But there will be many challenges, including distinguishing between short-term and permanent changes, pivoting nimbly based on rapid market changes, and responding in near real-time to consumer behavior trends.

Find out how news media insights and social media analytics can be the make-or-break element of success in addressing these challenges. You’ll get 5 strategies to put in place, including:

  • How to develop deep consumer trend insights in the current and evolving climate
  • Ways to differentiate crisis-induced short-term changes vs. shifts with long-term consequences
  • How to identify new and emerging business models and competitive shifts
Mike Baglietto
Robyn Lindars
Director, Social Media Insights
NetBase Quid
Harvey Ranola
Harvey Ranola
Global Strategist of Media Intelligence
NetBase Quid