7 Ways to Maximize Brand Impact Using Social Analytics: Best Practices to Unlock Value Across Your Business in 2020

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Social media analytics is constantly evolving. What initially served as a way to measure popularity—counting likes and retweets—is now an indispensable tool for every aspect of your business. The insights unlocked by social media analytics tools inform everything from marketing to customer service to product innovation and more. So how do you put them to work for your brand?

Learn seven of the most important social analytics best practices to maximize brand impact. Using examples from market leaders such as Patagonia, Glossier and Sweetgreen, experts from NetBase will provide practical, how-to information on key business-related uses, including:

  • Using social data to perform competitor analysis and anticipate trends in your vertical
  • Tapping into social analytics to retain customers and manage your community
  • Measuring social media ROI
Paige Leidig
Paige Leidig
Robyn Lindars
Robyn Lindars
Product Marketing Manager
NetBase Solutions