Redefining Audience Strategy Through Social Analytics

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As often happens, marketers are provided with segmentations that are less than insightful. Learn how independent advertising agency, Bradley and Montgomery is using social media analytics to identify topics of discussion, influencers, and cultural patterns to help clients rethink their audiences, contextualize targeting, and drive deeper brand engagement.

Join Bradley and Montgomery’s Chief Strategy Officer, Gavin Johnson as he discusses how combining NetBase’s social analytics solution with qualitative and quantitative methods, they have helped their clients create award-winning creative and grow their base.

You’ll learn these takeaways during the webinar:

  • How data can be better leveraged through time to understand positive or negative cultural change and a brand's relationship to that change
  • How social analytics data can be used to inform development of more relevant KPIs
  • How combining social media data with ethnographic research leads to deeper, iterative insights
  • How visualization tools help translate data into more effective creative team brainstorming
  • How social analytics platforms can be used to refine and redefine segments that are grounded in actions rather than self-reported information
Gavin Johnston
Gavin Johnston
Chief Strategy Officer
Bradley and Montgomery
Robyn Lindars
Robyn Lindars
Product Marketing Manager
NetBase Solutions