How Social Listening Turned a 'Nice' Idea into Increased Business

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Traditional marketing strategies don’t resonate with today’s social consumers. Social media is dynamic, personal, and engaging…. your campaigns must match. The right content needs to be delivered more efficiently, so social media must be pushed to the front to spearhead your efforts and increase the bottom line.

Hear how Red Door Interactive, a top data-driven marketing agency, reshaped internal process to give the social media team a seat at the big kids table and turn a “nice” idea into big business.

In the webinar, hear how Red Door Interactive uses social listening to:

  • How to prove social media is more than kids tweeting about cupcakes and cats
  • Why social media deserves a seat at the “big kids table”
  • Shifting the definition of market research and utilizing strategic inputs
  • How to prove both internal and external trust of your social media department
Will Price
Will Price
Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media
Red Door Interactive
Robyn Lindars
Robyn Lindars
Product Marketing Manager
NetBase Solutions