7 Social Analytics Best Practices of Leading Luxury Brands: How They Grow and Protect Their Brands

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How do top luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Porsche, Cartier and Four Seasons use analytics to propel their brands on social media? Social analytics platform NetBase has analyzed and ranked the social media of major luxury brands in fashion, hotels, jewelry, automobiles, beauty and more. They’ll be sharing these results along with case studies of how companies like Land Rover, Christian Louboutin, Neiman Marcus and Fairmont Hotels use social analytics to grow and protect their brands.

Learn best practices luxury brands put in place to wield social influence, enhance and protect their reputation, improve campaign performance and ensure a positive customer experience. You’ll find out:

  • How luxury brands currently rank in social media and how to measure success
  • Specific best practices and tactics employed by leading luxury brands
  • How social analytics is used to deliver on brand measurement, customer journey analysis, campaign optimization, customer experience, social care and much more
Paige Leidig
Paige Leidig
Robyn Lindars
Robyn Lindars
Product Marketing Manager
NetBase Solutions