How Chili’s Serves Up Unique Social Media Content by Audience and Channel

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In this lively webinar, hear from Chili’s Chris Ebbeler, Director of Social Media & Community Engagement, on how Chili’s delivers their unique brand value proposition effectively through social media. Learn how Chili’s developed a new multi-year strategy to understand and address audiences with the right content through the right channels. See examples of how they use social analytics to identify audiences, create informed content and creative assets, and execute on their long-term social media strategy. You will hear:

  • Why and how Chili’s developed a new long-term social media strategy
  • Chili’s strategic emphasis on deep understanding of their audiences
  • How Chili’s creates customized content for differing channels and fan bases
  • The role of social listening to audience analysis and campaign strategy
Chris Ebbeler
Chris Ebbeler
Director, Social Media & Community Engagement
Mike Baglietto
Mike Baglietto
Global Head of Product Marketing
NetBase Solutions