5 Steps to Instagram Social Analytics Success: Understand and Act on Insights

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Instagram has become the must-have social platform for successful brands. But its true influence lies in the insights it can provide about consumers as part of its multi-pronged engagement approach. Find out what it takes to harness Instagram data and how to thoroughly analyze and act on the insights it provides. And hear how brands like Ikea, Nike and BirchBox have leveraged deep, real-time Instagram data to develop winning marketing strategies and campaigns.

Join social analytics experts from NetBase for a roadmap to Instagram data success, including ways to understand the competition, identify passion and sentiment drivers, and leverage the critical role of influencers (and not just celebrities). You’ll find out:

  • Instagram-specific challenges faced by marketers
  • How advanced technologies (like image analysis) help brands capture reliable data for better insights
  • How hashtags and comments impact conversation on Instagram
Paige Leidig
Paige Leidig
Mike Baglietto
Mike Baglietto
Global Head of Product Marketing
NetBase Solutions