Engaging with Social Media Influencers to Tell Your Brands Story

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In social media, your success depends on engagement and not necessarily the number of mentions. Identifying influencers and brand advocates is a critical part of your engagement strategy, but the best fit for your brand is not always the obvious choice.

In the webinar, “Engaging with Social Media Influencers to Tell Your Brands Story”, learn how you can use social media analytics to identify trends and influencers to shape your brand’s engagement strategy for winning campaigns that tell your brand story.

In this webinar, hear how to:

  • Identify the influencers—not only finding them, but determine if they’re authentic and connecting with consumers
  • Understand the influencer’s content and how to support their efforts and audience
  • Track and analyze influencer contributions to the brand
Ted Tagalakis
Ted Tagalakis
VP,Social Media
Intermark Group
Robyn Lindars
Robyn Lindars
Product Marketing Manager
NetBase Solutions