7 Social Analytics Best Practices: Insights from Industry-Leading Brands

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How do some of the world’s most recognizable companies—like Wendy’s, Panera Bread, Macy’s, Zara and UBS—use social analytics to propel their brands? Find out some of the best practices they’ve put in place to enhance and protect their brand reputation, improve campaign performance and ensure a positive customer experience.

Join social analytics experts from NetBase as they share case studies of prominent industry leaders, highlighting metrics that deliver on brand measurement, customer journey analysis, campaign optimization, customer experience, social care and much more. You’ll find out:

  • Detailed best practices for applying social analytics to marketing and customer care
  • Real-life examples with metrics from major brands in industries such as retail, restaurants and finance
  • Takeaways that can be applied to brands of any size in any industry
Scott Cohen
Scott Cohen
VP, Customer Success
NetBase Solutions, Inc.
Elvis Lieban
Elvis Lieban
Director Social Media Insights