Survive a Brand Crisis: Using Social Analytics to Monitor and Protect Your Reputation

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A dining fiasco, product recalls, a socially irresponsible ad campaign, a false rumor…these kinds of crises can damage successful brands, especially if they fail to provide an adequate and timely response. But a growing number of companies are turning to social listening to contain a crisis, prevent the spread of misinformation and minimize the impact to the bottom line.

At this webinar, social analytics platform NetBase will share strategies for tracking brand reputation by listening to what consumers are saying and sharing in real time. Hear insights from several recent high-profile brands’ crises, showing how social analytics identified changes in brand mentions and provided context to repair reputation. You’ll find out:

  • How social analytics can spot an emerging social decision situation
  • Methods to identify themes and issues to craft an appropriate response
  • How real-time insights can rebuild a brand’s reputation
Paige LeidigMike Baglietto
Global Director, Product Marketing
NetBase Solutions, Inc.