The 100 Most-Loved Global Brands for 2017: Find Out Who, What and Why

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Who are 2017’s most loved global brands and why do consumers love them so much? Each year, NetBase releases its Global Love List, a ranking of the brands that receive the most positive consumer sentiment on social. A detailed analysis of more than 387 million social media conversations surfaces the strongest, most positive consumer emotions in categories such as Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Financial Services and Technology.

NetBase CMO Paige Leidig will share insights about the big winners and rising stars of 2017’s Global Love List. He’ll also look at how you can move beyond traditional social media metrics to measure the quality and intensity of your own consumers’ sentiment and passion. You’ll find out:

  • How brand net sentiment and passion can be measured, and why they’re important to your business
  • How the most-loved brands maintain and grow their consumer passion
  • The radical influence of Instagram on “Brand Love” statistics
Paige LeidigPaige Leidig
Chief Marketing Officer
NetBase Solutions, Inc.