How to Bleed Out a Brand: Why Maximizing Dollar Efficiency is Ruining Your Campaign Strategy

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Customers are talking right now about your brand, campaigns, and products on social media.

Monitoring who’s talking, what they are saying and where those conversations are happening is critical for a successful campaign.

Join us as Scott Reitzel, Director, Social Insights & Digital Analytics of Purple Strategies examines when it comes to campaigns, being efficient is misunderstood as being cost-efficient. Hear why cost efficiency is important – but it’s not the king.

What you’ll take away:

  • Why the limits of traditional targeting are harming campaign efficiency
  • How impact beats over-optimization and how to apply it to your campaigns.
  • How real-time social analytics elevates brand experience and campaign performance


Scott ReitzelScott Reitzel
Director, Social Insights & Digital Analytics,
Purple Strategies
Robyn LindarsRobyn Lindars
Senior Director of Sales,
NetBase Solutions, Inc.