How Top PR Firm MSLGROUP Mines Key Social Insights

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You want easy access to social intelligence for effective brainstorming and campaign ideation. It is possible to get real time insights into what your customers are talking about with NetBase Instant Search.

Join to hear Mark McClennan, Sr. VP Social Media Services of MSLGROUP discuss how they use NetBase Instant Search to analyze hot media topics such as the Super Bowl, The Grammys, The Oscars and other events.

Learn how MSLGROUP can simply search and analyze the entire social web to understand important or trending conversations and provide compelling insights to relevant media outlets.

In this webinar you’ll :

  • Get rapid social intelligence for all employees
  • Engage influencers and media at a deeper level
  • Find out how to obtain a trial version of Instant Search


Mike BagliettoMike Baglietto
Director of Product Marketing,
NetBase Solutions, Inc.
Mark McClennanMark McClennan
Sr. VP Social Media Services,