Introducing New Social Tools that Scale to all Size Brands

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You know you need the ability to get real time insights into what your customers are talking about. But, up to now the fastest, most accurate solutions may have been outside of your financial reach. Not anymore!

NetBase is flipping the market on its head. You can now get access to the leading social analytics solutions in the market at an affordable price. And the best insights to improve your brand health, boost your product and campaign performances, and respond to crises in real time.

Join us for a live demo to learn about our new product offerings. Hear how they can immediately deliver social analytics and insights that will drive your business.

In this webinar you’ll see:

  • Instant Search – "Google Search" for Social, easy to use, self-service designed social intelligence tool
  • NetBase Pro – powerful social analytics tool that scales for any sized company
  • New innovations in the NetBase platform

NetBase has a social analytics solution for you. Watch now to learn more.


Mike BagliettoMike Baglietto
Sr. Product Marketing Manager,
NetBase Solutions, Inc.