Social Tools Empower Precision Marketing: How Britvic Uses Listening and Analytics to Uncover Audience Needs

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How do you launch an unknown product in a new market with a limited budget? For major European beverage brand, Britvic—which introduced its new children’s juice in the U.S.—the answer is precision marketing to focus the right content on the right people at the right time to accelerate brand awareness and time-to-market.

Hear first-hand how Britvic and its agency Critical Mass/Zócalo leveraged social listening to precisely identify the right audience, develop a clear understanding of the audience’s concerns, and accurately match their needs to what the product delivers. The result: a successful launch and stellar brand growth. You’ll find out how Britvic and CM/Zócalo use social media tools to:

  • Pinpoint target audiences and the “fit” of a product to their needs
  • Respond rapidly and accurately with product and messaging changes
  • Minimize iterations and false-starts, ultimately accelerating brand awareness and time-to-market


Jaime VasquezJaime Vasquez
Britvic Americas
 Michael SternMichael Stern
Client Services Director,
Critical Mass/Zócalo
Mike BagliettoMike Baglietto
Sr. Product Marketing Manager,
NetBase Solutions, Inc.