Find the New Voice of Your Customer

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If you don’t hear the true voice of your customer, you’ve got a big blind spot in your business strategy. According to Forrester Research, over 65 percent of customer feedback is not being analyzed by companies. That’s a missed opportunity to add the voice of the customer to your customer experience management initiatives.

Watch now to hear how major brands are unlocking customer-driven insights from all sources, including social, internal, and digital feedback. You will hear how:

  • A leading travel & leisure company uses comprehensive customer feedback to drive improvements across, marketing, operations and care teams.
  • A major food & beverage chain takes a unified view of customer experience to validate and drive strategy and guide new investments.
  • A top CCPG brand can now understand key customer issues, purchase drivers, and product gaps.


Christopher LeetChristopher Leet
Sr. Director, Product Marketing,
NetBase Solutions, Inc.