Discovering Unprecedented Ways to Join the Conversation

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With the increasing number of social conversations happening on and outside of a brand’s owned channel, brands must be able to identify and prioritize which conversations they would like to engage in.

Whether customer care is looking to deliver timely responses to ensure the highest customer satisfaction or marketing is looking to amplify the message of a brand advocate to increase brand equity, accurately pinpointing the conversations that matter most to your brand can reduce customer care costs and maximize your reach.

Watch now to hear the top 3 benefits of deploying best of breed analytics and engagement platforms, NetBase and Spredfast, and how they allow brands an unprecedented way to find customer stories and join the conversation.

You will also learn to:

  • Segment and prioritize conversations for customer care
  • Recognize crisis situations faster
  • Amplify the message of brand advocates
  • Drive opportunities down the purchase funnel


Ryan TaketaRyan Taketa
Product Marketing Manager,
NetBase Solutions Inc.
Sofie LeonSofie Leon
Integrations Product Manager, Spredfast