Measuring the Success of Chipotle's Crisis Response on Social Media

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With deadly eColi and Noro virus outbreaks threatening to cause irreparable damage to their brand, Chipotle leveraged social analytics to measure the impact and reach of the crisis on social media. To protect the brand’s health, the Mexican restaurant chain needed to know what consumers were saying and sharing in real-time to contain the crisis and prevent the spread of misinformation. Social analytics identified the sudden changes in brand mentions and provided the necessary context to the crisis to effectively minimize the impact on brand reputation and the bottom line. Chipotle was able to act effectively and track consumer reaction and maintain their loyal customers


  • How social analytics identified an emerging social decision situation
  • How and where the brand could have responded faster
  • How and where the brand could have responded faster
  • Common themes and issues needed to craft an appropriate response
  • The success of their “free burrito” campaign to rebuild the brand’s reputation
  • How consumers reacted and the true impact on the brand
Ryan TaketaRyan Taketa
Product Marketing Manager, NetBase Solutions, Inc.