Social Secrets to Drive Campaigns, Increase Revenue and Predict Elections

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Whether launching a new product or managing a political campaign, marketers and brand managers know that understanding their consumers is the key to success. Social uncovers opportunities for developing meaningful connections with your consumers. But to do this well, brands must listen, understand their audiences to develop a winning formula for growth.

Watch this webinar to hear Santy and NetBase uncover the social insights that matter most for solving critical business problems - from improving campaign performance, driving revenue and even predicting election results.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Sharpening your marketing strategy with social analytics
  • Driving revenue with deep consumer insights
  • Predicting business outcomes (and election results) with social
Hallie WrightHallie Wright
Content Strategist, Santy
Mike BagliettoMike Baglietto
Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetBase Solutions, Inc.