Social Adds Pizzazz: How Sock Star Stance Got in on Kia’s Super Bowl Ad

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One of the breakout ads from football’s Big Game was Kia’s “Walken Closet” spot, where legendary actor Christopher Walken uses a colorfully stylish sock to explain how the next generation Optima stands out. What you may not know is that the sock with pizzazz comes from Stance, a fast-growing lifestyle brand that’s making noise with its bold, daring footwear. Stance’s secret? Using social audiences as a competitive advantage.

Hear from Stance about its playbook for applying social listening and analysis to disrupt marketing, and how it used its social analytics to demonstrate why its socks belonged in one of the biggest car ads of the year. You’ll learn:

  • How Stance keeps track of the social conversation about its brand and its industry.
  • How the brand taps into social audiences and influencers to help drive its digital engagement.
  • Which social analytics best practices you can apply to your marketing.
Nick TranNick Tran
VP of Marketing, Stance
Brett SirianniBrett Sirianni
Director of Social Media, Stance
Chris LeetChris Leet
Senior Director, Product Marketing, NetBase Solutions, Inc.