Smart Brands Go Beyond Demographics - StarWars™ is the Proof

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Delivering relevant, personalized content has always been the goal of marketers. The ability to create completely custom audiences using psychographics and behaviors in addition to demographics provide more dimensional knowledge for marketers. This more complete view of the target audience will give us better insights on how to engage them and drive future revenue.

Never before has technology enabled brands to have an unprecedented view into an audience and connect with them in authentic ways to drive real business value – and create better experiences.

Watch the webinar to hear NetBase CMO, Pernille Bruun-Jensen, and Altimeter principal analyst and award-winning author, Brian Solis, as they unveil:

  • A new study into the StarWars™ audiences’ deepest desires and brand preferences
  • What it means by “the consumer experience IS the brand”
  • The power of psychographic targeting for business and brand value


  • How to discover emerging trends in real-time
  • Best method to target and measure campaigns
  • How to do audience segmentation, campaign development and engagement with social media analytics
  • How consumer experience impacts brand loyalty and revenue
Brian Solis
Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
Pernille Bruun-Jensen
CMO, NetBase