Targeting Beyond Demographics: Using Social Data to Create Truly Customer-centric Content

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It’s no secret that a personalized experience is the way to the consumer’s heart. But demographics don’t tell the whole story. The wealth of social data available to marketers today offers the opportunity to create highly specific content for highly specific audiences based on their social behavior.

Watch as audience data experts from Internet Marketing Inc. and NetBase discuss the future of marketing in a social data-driven world. They reveal how a customer-centric content strategy helped one retail brand generate $1 million in revenue and an astounding 9,655 percent ROI during the first six months of campaign activation. You’ll find out:

  • How to develop engaging content and drive ROI using audience social data
  • How to harness the power of behavioral and psychographic targeting for business and brand value
  • How to drive marketing reach with audience segmentation, campaign development and consumer engagement
Becca James
Director of Insights & Strategy, Internet Marketing Inc.
Hope Nguyen
VP of Marketing, NetBase