Millennials & Social: How Taco Bell Reached Millions with Mobile App Launch

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Millennial consumers are a challenge for companies; they are hard to reach and even harder to keep loyal. Only 3% of millennials are moved by traditional advertising, preferring instead to make purchase decisions based on what they consider to be authentic peer reviews and social media. In this environment, successful marketers will need to have a deep understanding of their audiences’ thoughts and feelings to engage them and drive future revenue.

Social media data unlocks a new, unsolicited, uncensored, and real-time view into billions of consumers’ hearts and minds. This intimate look into people’s lives, ideas, and behaviors offers an unprecedented opportunity for smart marketers to get ahead of the game and drive growth, reach and loyalty.

Watch the webinar to hear experts from Taco Bell, Twitter, and NetBase to hear how leading brands succeed in marketing to millennials with new social audience data.


  • Marketing to millennials best practices from Taco Bell's mobile app launch
  • New Twitter Audience Data to unlock dimensional understanding of consumers
  • How to do audience segmentation, campaign development and engagement with social media analytics
Mihir Minawala
Manager of Social, Industry & Competitive Intel, Taco Bell
John Heywood
Product Manager, Data Products, Twitter
Pernille Bruun-Jensen
CMO, NetBase