What Every Marketer Should Know About Social Brand Strategy

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Consumers share their opinions on social media about everything from breakfast meals to presidential candidates. In turn, companies can channel these conversations into business insights. Smart marketers listen on social to understand brand attitudes and then use this knowledge to build winning brand strategy and content.

Join this interactive discussion to hear Jenny Verbitsky, Director of Research at Ogilvy, Adam Pierno, Director of Brand Strategy and Planning at Santy, and Anna Startseva, Product Marketing Manager at NetBase, share best practices for brand strategy and content creation with social insights.

  • Understand your brand’s audience across social channels
  • Create authentic campaigns based on social media research
  • Analyze brand perceptions and align content for different audience segments

Jenny Verbitsky
Director of Research, Ogilvy
Adam Pierno
Director of Brand Strategy and Planning, Santy
Anna Starseva
Product Marketing Manager, NetBase