Social Predicts Habits: How Shifting Consumer Preferences Come to Light Via Social Analytics

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Consumer preferences can change at a moment’s notice. What if you could predict what those changes will be? It turns out social media sentiment can be the crystal ball that brands and analysts use to create actionable forecasts of what consumers will actually be spending their money on.

Christian Buss, research analyst at Credit Suisse, shares how he is using social media sentiment to determine which apparel and softline brands will be succeeding. He and Altimeter Group analyst Susan Etlinger discuss:

  • What consumers are telling brands about their actual purchasing preferences
  • How social analytics uncover shifts in spending habits that can impact brand success
  • How this data can be used build accurate predictive models

Christian Buss
Director, Equity Research, Footwear, Apparel & Softlines, Credit Suisse
Susan Etlinger
Analyst, Altimeter Group
Pernille Bruun-Jensen,
CMO, NetBase