Arby’s Serves Up Social

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Join Josh Martin, Social Media Manager for Arbys, as he describes how the company built their social media command center in less than 30 days and got immediate results. Find out how a leading nationwide casual dining chain used NetBase as the foundation technology for its Social Command Center to make decisions at the speed of social.

Hear Josh Martin, Social Media Manager for Arby’s, talk about how NetBase helped:

  • Deliver a command center that fit into Arby’s corporate culture
  • Establish working best practices for Arby’s social analysts
  • Analyze the results from the now infamous Pharrell tweet


  • How Arby’s got tens of thousands of retweets and millions of impressions by tweeting to Pharrell about his Arby’s-like hat on the Grammys and Oscars.
  • Why a social command center is critical to receiving and responding to customer feedback in real time
  • Why the right timing and tools are essential to implementing and maintaining a command center

Josh Martin
Social Media Manager, Arby’s