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Reddit continues to be one of the “it” social platforms, yet it’s also somewhat of a marketer’s best-kept secret. With its staggering size and growth, and ability to reach specialized audiences, a marketer would be remiss to disregard it as a vital channel. But navigating Reddit -- with its anonymity and highly curated content contribution system -- is a particularly delicate endeavor.

Updated for 2023, this comprehensive report covers how to navigate Reddit and incorporate it into your marketing, including:

  • Performing in-depth analysis into Reddit conversation topics and trends
  • Utilizing valuable Reddit content for consumer & competitive intelligence
  • Building relationships with Reddit influencers or “Redditors” – macro or micro
  • Participating effectively within the strict etiquette or “Reddiquette” confines
  • Using tools such as Reddit gifts & coins and “Ask Me Anything” sessions (AMAs)
  • Creating a baseline and measuring ROI