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Creating a compelling pitch analysis is a critical use case for any agency looking to win new business. One consistent theme of winning pitches is powerful story-telling based off of a deep understanding of your client’s vision and target consumer.

The NEW e-book, “Develop Data-Driven Agency Pitches Using Social Media Analytics” provides a framework to analyze the performance of a brand, competitors, or a category in quick-turnaround situations to best highlight and reinforce your agency’s ideas and strengths.

The eBook covers these topics and more:

  • What does analysis for an agency pitch tell me?
  • How can I use insights from my analysis for an agency pitch?
  • Components of an effective agency pitch deck
  • What makes an audience unique
  • Campaign ideation & insight gathering

You may also be interested in the Develop Data-Driven Agency Pitches - Downloadable Template, providing a framework for creating a compelling pitch analysis.