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The Industry Best Practices Guide 2018: Media & Entertainment provides detailed, practical advice for utilizing social analytics to inform your brand marketing, including audience segmentation, sponsorship & live events, and talent & influencer activation. Read comprehensive case studies about Activision, UEFA Champions League and 20th Century Fox. These include detailed analytics, competitive comparisons, specific insights and metrics gleaned from the data, and takeaways to apply to your own brand. While this best practices guide draws from Media & Entertainment brand examples, the concrete advice can be applied to brands across industries.

Who this guide is for:

  • Agencies looking for more engaging content to drive content strategy and creative
  • Digital marketers building better campaigns to increase viewership, attendance and interaction
  • Content owners driving sponsorship and advertising revenue

Additionally, you may want to refer to the NetBase Industry Report 2018: Media & Entertainment for social media rankings of top-rated brands in categories such as digital media, sports, streaming, and TV networks, and insights on what makes them successful.