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With supermarkets carrying over 42,000 items at any given time, Food and Beverage brands are constantly competing to be top of mind with consumers. Given that nearly half (49%) of U.S. adults are fiercely loyal to specific grocery products, leading brands must be able to differentiate their products and connect with their target consumers in authentic ways to build a loyal audience. The Social Media Best Practice Guide: Food & Beverage provides examples of how leading Food and Beverage brands are leveraging social to understand their target audiences, act on market signals, and ultimately grow their market share.

This guide outlines five social analytics best practices that will help you know your consumers, identify evolving tastes, protect your brands, and build a loyal consumer base:

  • Increase Reach by Creating Authentic Creative Campaigns
  • Identify Unique Consumer Tastes for New Revenue Streams
  • Act Swiftly and Decisively to Avoid a Crisis
  • Grow Market Share by Knowing your Competitive Advantage
  • Improve Customer Loyalty by Understanding Your Target Audience in Real-Time

Additionally, you may want to refer to the NetBase Industry Report 2016: Food & Beverage Brands for rankings of top-rated brands on social media by grocery aisle, and insights on what makes them successful.

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