Marketing in the “Age of You”

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One of the top priorities for CMOs today is to understand and define a more individual consumer experience at a time where brands have been democratized. Greater access to quantitative and qualitative data has impacted how marketers do marketing, and what marketing is about.

Adding social to the mix has flipped the tables to put brand relationships in the hands of consumers, making the “Age of You” – where CMOs are starting with people and their needs (selling what people want), as opposed to starting with the product (selling what companies make).

Social provides a new, unsolicited, uncensored, and real-time view into the wealth of existing and potential customers’ minds. There are over 2.21 billion active social media accounts today. Consumers are using social primarily to give others a better sense of who they are and what they care about. This intimate, real-time look into consumers’ lives, ideas, and behaviors presents an unprecedented opportunity for smart marketers to connect with consumers as individuals with unique needs, emotions, and life interest affinities, and address them in contextual ways that elevate consumers’ brand experiences.

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