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Social media is like a box of chocolates, and the category of Chocolate & Candy Bars is no exception. While it’s no surprise that people are passionate about chocolate, we discovered a few nuggets no one saw coming.

We often use the NetBase platform to dig into verticals and understand consumer passion for brands. This time, we examined two years of social media discussions, emotions, and keywords as they relate to Chocolate, to create the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Chocolate & Candy Bars.

Consumers want chocolate much more than they need it or talk about eating it. We uncovered all the delicious details, from the most-wanted chocolate item (hint: it has cream on the inside), to the brand most associated with happiness, to the role of seasonality.

Great brands connect with consumers on an emotional level—but first they must generate real consumer passion. Download the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Chocolate & Candy Bars for our comprehensive analysis and brand recommendations for surviving and winning the social media landscape.

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