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Just a glance at social media makes it’s clear that the Beauty & Skincare category is filled with emotion. Whether it’s the latest product or makeup tutorial, we see consumers talking passionately about the category—a lot! And since level of passion is linked to brand growth, this can mean big things for the industry.

So who and what is getting the most love from consumers? And just how deep is that love?

We used the NetBase platform to get at the heart of consumers to answer those questions. To create the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Beauty & Skincare, we deep-dove into two years of social media history to measure consumer passion in the Beauty & Skincare category.

It’s one part art, one part science; we’re not just looking at numbers, but also at intensity of passion. This means we found not just what customers love and hate, but how much, and how passionately.

Think you can guess what consumers love the most? The results even surprised us. Download the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Beauty & Skincare to get all the details now.

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