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As the coronavirus continues to reach into every facet of our lives, companies are left scrambling to keep up with the ever-changing environment. More specifically, that means they are left to navigate the difficult question of ‘what’s next?’ in an attempt to rebound from the strain put on their business.

Whether brands and businesses are figuring out how to get back on track with their core offerings or are needing to adapt their products, services and strategies, the common thread is innovation. Innovation can come in the form of finding new ways connect with consumers like never before, adapting offerings, developing new products, or uncovering new markets or industries.

This report illustrates how innovation is taking place, and how businesses can utilize data to support their innovation process, including:

  • Defining innovation to understand opportunity areas
  • The metrics to evaluate as you consider and deploy innovations
  • Employing new techniques and adaptations to your business model
  • Innovating through acquisition