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Instagram’s popularity continues to skyrocket, and so does your branding opportunity! In our previous guide, The 2019 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy,” we covered how to create a social listening strategy and optimize your marketing on Instagram.

Following on that report, we now bring you, The 2019 Guide to Advanced Instagram Marketing. This detailed, example-rich report discusses how to utilize some of the newer or more advanced elements of Instagram, such as their eCommerce offerings, Instagram Stories and influencer marketing. Also covered is how to take your metrics beyond “likes” – learn how advanced technologies (like AI and image analysis) allow you to thoroughly analyze your Instagram programs and derive meaningful insights. You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and take advantage of Instagram’s evolving eCommerce offerings
  • Pinpoint and adapt to the shifting demographics the site attracts
  • Use Instagram Stories functionality to its full potential
  • Derive meaningful insights from Instagram analytics
  • Identify authentic Instagram influencers who have evolved along with the platform, and those who have just learned to game it
  • Comprehensive Instagram data for meaningful insights

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