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The automotive industry may not immediately come to mind when thinking about revolutionary ideas that will change the world, but maybe it should, considering its humble beginnings compared to where we are today.

And tomorrow? Well, we’re on the verge of AI-powered, ‘no human required’ transportation, so the potential for disruption is limitless for automotive manufacturers ready to take the wheel. And in the theme of AI, it has also become a vital component in top-notch competitive marketing.

This report explores market factors and solutions, including:

  • How the market is evolving and indicators to stay mindful of
  • The shifting global, generational and other (seemingly limitless) potential consumer segments available
  • Opportunities and challenges facing standard, premium, luxury, and ultra-elite automotive manufacturers
  • Emerging growth segments and difficult-to-predict technologies
  • Consumer paths to purchase, how they’re changing and where manufacturers fit in
  • Key social listening metrics that enhance audience understanding, create personalization opportunities, and frame perceived value
  • The increasing role of AI in marketing and audience identification