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The Social Media Market Survey 2018: United States & Canada surveys more than 700 senior marketers in the US and Canada with the goal of understanding how they’re using social media to grow their businesses. In this report you will learn:

  • U.S./Canadian business growth, current and predicted—with an eye on specific industries identified in the report, based on size of company and revenue. How are these businesses using advancing technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and image analysis, and are these new tools really mandatory?
  • The rapidly shifting online landscape—and the need for businesses to invest wisely. Money consistently spent on the wrong tools, or tools that are quickly outdated, is money lost. However, a more substantial upfront spend on the right tools offers continued long-term gains. Breaking that down further—which tools are non-negotiable, and which are a flash in the pan?
  • The disconnect between marketers and stakeholders—and how to bring everyone around. Social analytics are a proven commodity, but ROI can feel unclear or inadequately communicated. One solution is democratizing the use of social analytics across business units. Does ensuring data is integrated and accessible solve this dilemma?
  • What features top U.S./Canadian marketers’ wish lists—and why. Understanding how successful marketers use everything from influencer identification and ROI to advanced segmenting, with a side of mindreading, speeds up the learning curve for those just starting out.