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Nearly all marketers use social media, but few are able to quantify its value. In the report from Forrester Research, “You Don’t Need a ‘Social Marketing’ Strategy”, they show how brands use social tactics to achieve marketing goals across the customer life cycle and how they use social insights to improve the rest of their marketing campaigns. But social media can offer brands far more than just marketing value — so they also explore how social technology helps companies transform for the post-digital world.

Key Insights from the report:

  • Social Is a Strategic Tool, not a Panacea - Social marketing is not a single channel that will replace your entire digital marketing practice.
  • Social Technology and Insights Improve More than Just Marketing - Social marketing produces insights that make all marketing programs better, from informing brand personas and brand voice to supplying content and insights for creative strategies.
  • Social Media Helps Companies Meet the Challenges of the Post-Digital World - Brands must be human, helpful, and handy to stay relevant in the post-digital world.